Fighting the Stigma

buy generic Aurogra online no prescription quick delivery Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder…that is one heck of a diagnosis when your family doesn’t “believe” in mental illness so to speak. Yet, there I sat in the doctors’ office-venting my frustrations & concerns of my medical status when she agreed with what others had suggested- I have PTSD. Even after receiving my letter of disability rating from the VA, I had a tough time identifying myself as a victim. How did this happen? How do I explain myself to my parents? Will I be the same ever again?
Now, almost a year later- I’ve begun to speak out. Initially embarrassed, my PTSD does not stem from combat related stress, which caused me to feel like such a failure & thus, not share my frustrations. There is such a HUGE shadow of ignorance cast around victims of PTSD (which is the case for MANY mental diagnoses that the general population is unfamiliar with). We can’t be trusted, we could go off at any minute, a LIABILITY. Many also believe the ONLY way to get PTSD is from war (oh how I wish this was true). Our stories are all unique, we are all different. The truth of the matter is the only thing you can loop ALL people diagnosed with PTSD into being is a SURVIVOR.
I’ve been searching for a long time on how to give back to my community. Volunteering is something I’ve loved since a girl participating in BBBS bowl for kid’s sake. Recently, an opportunity to blog has presented itself to me. I couldn’t be happier to share my story with you. The only way we can combat our loved ones from becoming another statistic is by banding together and sharing our knowledge- for that is true power that no one can take away. Today I promise you all to share my knowledge, both as a survivor & as a military caregiver. I want you to walk hand in hand with me during my now lifelong journey as we learn together how to overcome.

mail order antabuse 1 person taking their life a day is too many in my book. It is my honor to work with PTSD Projects to help these strong survivors to learn that they are NEVER alone & that they are LOVED. Sometimes, the darkness envelops us so much it is hard to hold onto that. If you are reading this please reach out- there is a whole team behind this website that is ready to help you; whether that capacity is taking care of someone with this diagnosis, or it’s yourself that needs help.

7 thoughts on “Fighting the Stigma”

  1. I know I should not be commenting on a blog on my own page, but this gave me goose bumps initially, then brought me to tears. You GET IT!!! We are so very blessed to have you helping PTSD Projects spread the word about PTSD; resulting in more and more people getting the help and support that they need. Thank you “SURVIVOR”, from the bottom of my heart. You truly are a blessing to us and to many.

  2. money order viagra This is an amazing and wonderful gift to those of us who use this page! Thank you: you are very much giving back to your community, and more. There can never be enough information “out there” the help others understand PTSD, including those who have it! I very much look forward to your future blogs.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story as a caregiver and one who has PTSD. I know this has to be tough for you, and I pray that God will guide, direct, and give you strength on this journey.

  4. Great blog. So proud of my family. I am beginning a program “Soaring With Valor”. It is a Veterans program for those who live in the City of Orange Ca. I am writing upbthe program as I read your blog. We are a giving family in every way.

  5. I’ve been dealing with PTSD for about 10 years it’s about then that I was diagnosed but it took a few years for me to realize I had PTSD since before the death of my firstborn daughter Chloe see I had been sexually abused at age 19 and physically abused from my mother seems to of
    lasted till age 20 then the mental abuse continued after she wasn’t able to touch me without me putting her in jail from one of her attacks on me I never knew someone outside military could have PTSD until I was diagnosed with it after my daughter passing away in 2007 now I’m highly inquisitive on PTSD and what things are out there to help me day to day to dealing with my own PTSD issues and the horrible effects ECT TREATMENT Done to me that were supposed to help with the PTSD and depression issues. Let me say it took away my short term memory it is extremely difficult to remember from week to week and sometimes some day to day memory issues have sprung up here recently. I just am trying to get every outlook on PTSD and what is out there that is possible to help ME

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