buy provigil online overnight For a very long time I had given up on setting goals. I didn’t see the point in them, because I had given up hope. For a very long time I let the anxiety take control and adopted the rather disgusting mindset of “why bother?” I used God as a scapegoat; he had plans that obviously didn’t pair up with mine. This went on for years and only progressed as things continued to follow a path that I wasn’t too happy on. I forgot the strength in goal setting during that time. You see, goals are not there to be an unrealistic disappointment. Goals provide you a reason for all the chaos that is life. You cannot begin to fight for your happiness if you don’t know what that happiness is.

buy nuvigil and provigil So how do you find your goals? Mine was completely by accident truth be told. I was seeing a man who dealt with anxiety from childhood who used weight lifting to combat the stress. At first, I thought he was a little different for working out as much as he did, however once he finally got me to give it a try I was SOLD. Please don’t misunderstand, medication does help after you find the right one, but WOW does weight lifting really work for me. Eventually, my passion for fitness grew with my results. I am overall much happier; take less prescriptions, and have a noticeable amount of more energy. Eventually that lead to participating in an athlete search. I didn’t win; however, I was asked during the search to set a goal.

helpful resources So, what is that goal?

https://www.juanjimenez.us/1316-dte64243-best-online-dating-site-montreal.html Eventually I would like to open my own gym, with military & first responders in mind. A place that combines fitness with a place for people combatting PTSD/anxiety can retreat to when symptoms become difficult to work with. A safe place that is judgement free, to battle your demons whenever they are knocking at your door. I hope to one day share my passion for fitness as an alternative treatment for PTSD & lead many lives down a road to recovery.

I urge you to find a goal, something that you are truly passionate about. Even at 18, when I joined the Army, veteran lives have always been something I am passionate about improving. When I took my DD-214, I hoped to one day become a nurse with the Dept of VA. Now, my life didn’t follow the path I wanted & yes- that hurt. HOWEVER, I am on a new path now & let me be one to tell you, there is NOTHING compared to the renewed energy & passion that comes out of finding your goals.

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  1. What an inspiration this is! To think that a goal or ambition as wonderful as this can come from the struggle to cope with one’s own PTSD! Thank you!!!

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