New Year

hop over to this website Happy New Years, and my apologies in the delay of a blog- between writers block, school & illness…well- anyway, here we are :O already- a new year. So, did you make any resolutions for the year? If so, I applaud you. Truth be told, I have no new year’s resolutions, I consider myself lucky to live by the Army instilled “leave it as good or better than you found it” motto on a daily. My excuse- if you will, is because I try to improve myself daily (& fail a good bit of time but it’s the EFFORT that counts).

the original source That’s a funny thing, excuses. Life gives them to us by the dozens, whether big or small, every single one of us could come up with an excuse for anything. Todays society THRIVES on excuses! “I can’t go to work because I’ve got the flu” is a valid excuse, but still one none the less. So, who gets to decide which is valid and which isn’t? I suppose that depends not only on what the excuse is, but what it’s being used for. This can be applied on almost any aspect in life- diseases caused by genetics, lack of fitness due to time constraints, poor dieting due to lack of education. Even then, who is the deciding factor on what excuse is valid and what is not? To me- it’s about if you can look yourself in the mirror after the excuse is made. After all, no one can please everyone, and it is YOUR life to live. So where do you draw the line?

company website You have to make a choice, whether to be a victim of your excuses or to adapt and overcome them and live your life. It really is that simple. Everyone has problems, time limitations, financial constraints- some worse than others but, still there. You must utilize critical skills taught in basic management classes such as time management, weighing priorities, and communication. As far as we all know, you are only given one life- if you have not decided on your new resolution- please take this as my personal challenge to you: don’t live as a victim of circumstance, but choose to rise above and conquer your obstacles.


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