Today is the day I meet my sister…

This year I turn 29yrs old and today is the day I get to meet my little sister. No, it’s not one of those “dad got remarried” but one of those “why you don’t do drugs” stories. You see, my biological mother had me at an early age when she struggled with addiction. I was 5 when my sister was born, and my mother continued to struggle with dependency even years after that. So, we were split when she was born; I stayed with my maternal family and she was adopted, a choice made with heavy hearts as my grandmother couldn’t take on raising a second child.
So how did it come to be that we finally (after 23yrs) got to meet each other? Technology of course! DNA is a wonderful example of the wonders found in human anatomy. My little sister decided upon learning the truth from the adoption that she would look for her biological family. After a few years, my aunt decided to follow suit (little did she know what she would find). The two matched, and with a simple exchange of information- all our lives were forever changed (again).
Now, let me tell you what that is like in comparison to how I feel PTSD has changed the way I process things. Remember, not everyone’s battle is the same- and how we react can vary even if the trauma is the same.
When we first found out and I realized who she was, I was majorly upset with the woman who raised me. How someone can let two children who should be raised together, be split- and then not even aware of the other, was completely past my ability to comprehend. I was upset because I was denied the opportunity to be a big sister and protect her during all those adolescent trials. I felt wronged because I was denied the unconditional love of a little sister, which could’ve kept me from some of my most self-defeating moments. I felt surrounded by a family who I felt I could no longer trust. Something that should be a wonderful moment of celebration turned into a personal war of who I felt I could and couldn’t depend on.
However- today is the day I get to see her. I am so very excited to build our bond of sisterhood that was denied to us many years ago. I have booked a few events for us to experience during my short trip, and I . It won’t be anything super fancy, we aren’t even doing anything “mentionable” but I know without a doubt in my mind- it will be a weekend I will never forget.

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