PTSD PROJECTS BUDDIES –  NOW YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO BE ALONE.  We have a great group of volunteers that are Buddies and they are here to help you. Our Buddies either have their PTSD under control or are caregivers to those with PTSD.  Because they live with PTSD, they can relate to you and your demons. Our Buddies are caring; they listen and they do not judge.  Many times, just having a Buddy; someone to talk to, to share the stories with that you would never share with a loved, can help clear your mind of the demons that haunt you so frequently.   Often we find that in just a few conversations with your  PTSD Buddy you will be lifted out of that dark hole that you are stuck in.  Our Buddies are made up of male and female volunteers and include civilians, first responders and military veterans. They are not mental health professionals.   Our Buddies go through an application process to insure that you are in a safe place when communicating with them.  If you are struggling with PTSD and would like someone to talk to, please click  HERE to complete your confidential Buddy Request Questionnaire.  We will match you to a PTSD Projects Buddy and he or she will be in touch within 48 hours, often times much sooner. You no longer have to be alone; your new Buddy is just a click away.  (You must be 18 to request a PTSD Projects Buddy.)

PTSD PROJECTS CLOSED CAREGIVERS GROUP  PTSD not only is a struggle for the one with the wound, it is also difficult for the family and friends that are trying to care for that person.   For that reason, we developed the PTSD Projects Closed Caregivers Group on Facebook.  We are here for all caregivers to someone with PTSD. The group page allows caregivers to talk among themselves to offer solutions, to laugh together, pray together and to lift one another up.  If you are a caregiver of someone suffering with PTSD and would like to join our group, please go to our Facebook page: and ask to join.

PTSD Projects Military Veterans Support Group is a closed Facebook group that is open to all combat and non-combat veterans dealing with PTSD. Our mission is to provide a private space amongst battles where you can get things off your chest and communicate with those of us who understand. We aren’t here to judge but to be brothers and sisters to each other- providing support and having a community, battles who are in the same fight as you.

Guidelines:  1. We aren’t professionals. Don’t use us in place of them.
2. We aren’t legal help but may have pointers as we’ve walked that path.
3. We may help with disability claims but aren’t a VSO.
4. In all posts, keep in mind we are battle buddies…profanity okay, but not at each other.
5. This is a safe place for expression of emotions but just not turned on each other…no friendly fire
6. Be kind to each other. We’re all connected, and have all been in diff. places.
7. You may know the path another is on, but you don’t know their shoes, exactly. Remember that. If you are a combat or non-combat veteran and would like to join our group, please go to our Facebook page: and ask to join.

PTSD PROJECTS VETERAN ADVOCACY TEAM – While PTSD Projects is here to help all persons with PTSD, a large part of our focus is on helping veterans and stopping the large number of suicides associated with veterans and PTSD.  Our experience in helping veterans with this disorder  has shown us over and over again that the VA does not have a handle on this disorder. They do not have user friendly systems in place.  Many of their physicians, mental health professionals and general staff are lacking military experience and experience in PTSD treatment.  Protocol within the system is a primary focus, and that is harming our veterans.  Many veterans avoid the services of the VA at all costs, and 20 times a day that cost is their life. Therefore, we plan to impact positive changes within the VA by providing top decision-makers and government officials with information directly from our veterans and caregivers that can lead to solutions for fixing this broken system.  If you have a complaint concerning a specific incident with the VA, please click HERE and complete a grievance form for each incident. Specific details are needed, so please include dates, addresses, names and any other pertinent information.

PTSD PROJECTS LOCAL CHAPTERS; PROVIDING EDUCATION AND SUPPORT – PTSD Projects will be seeking opportunities for community outreach through our local chapters; fulfilling our mission of raising awareness of and educating the general public about PTSD; the invisible wound.  Our local PTSD Projects Chapters, which will be located throughout the United States and Canada, will not only host local support groups, but will also conduct media interviews and  host presentations focusing on the causes, symptoms and treatments of PTSD.  If you would like to become a PTSD Projects Chapter Captain please click the picture below.

PTSD PROJECTS CHARITY EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES – As part of our charitable activities, we will organize charity events to include walks/runs and other such events.  In addition, PTSD Projects will be publishing a variety of books in order to raise funds and awareness for our cause.  We will also offer items for sale in our store that have been made by veterans and civilians that are afflicted with PTSD.  We also take donations here at our website.  If your organization would like to host a fundraising event for PTSD Projects, please CONTACT US All funds raised are donated to various organizations that are directly working with veterans and civilians to provide services and fulfill physical needs.  Providing service dogs and civilian counseling to veterans and civilians alike are our top funding priorities.  Click the button below if you wish to donate to PTSD Projects.