Discover More PTSD Projects; A War Within, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity organization. PTSD Projects; A War Within:  It is the MISSION, DUTY, AND PURPOSE of PTSD Projects; A War Within to address, educate coordinate, and provide services to those that struggle with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).  It is our duty to be available when we are capable to provide education, communication, advocacy services, special needs services including but not limited to service dogs and a structured support system to any person that struggles with PTSD and to any person that cares for someone with PTSD.

useful link PTSD Projects Buddies are our volunteers that work tirelessly to reach out and give hope to those that are desperately struggling with their PTSD symptoms.  We match our buddies to those in need based on the individuals’ trauma and work or military history.  We have buddies representing all branches of the military, first responders, civilian assault and/or rape, as well as other forms of trauma including incidents such as terrorist attacks or tragic accidents.

his explanation PTSD Projects Closed Caregivers Group is a Facebook group that  serves as a private medium to allow caregivers to talk among themselves to offer solutions to the problems different ones face, to laugh together, cry together,  pray together and to lift one another up.  PTSD Projects Closed Caregivers Group is monitored by four volunteers; three are caregivers to their husbands who are disabled veterans with severe PTSD and one is the mother of a young veteran with severe PTSD. This is safe zone for caregivers.

PTSD Projects Military Veterans Support Group is a closed Facebook group that is open to all combat and non-combat veterans dealing with PTSD. Our mission is to provide a private space amongst battles where you can get things off your chest and communicate with those of us who understand. We aren’t here to judge but to be brothers and sisters to each other- providing support and having a community, battles who are in the same fight as you.                                                                                                                                                       Group Guidelines:                                                                                                                                                     1. We aren’t professionals. Don’t use us in place of them.
2. We aren’t legal help but may have pointers as we’ve walked that path.
3. We may help with disability claims but aren’t a VSO.
4. In all posts, keep in mind we are battle buddies…profanity okay, but not at each other.
5. This is a safe place for expression of emotions but just not turned on each other…no friendly fire
6. Be kind to each other. We’re all connected, and have all been in diff. places.
7. You may know the path another is on, but you don’t know their shoes, exactly. Remember that

PTSD Projects Chapters will soon be popping up throughout the USA.   We have a small number of Chapter Captains in place, and will soon begin a national enlistment program to gain qualified volunteers to help us build local chapters.  Each local chapter will be offering support groups for combat veterans, first responders, non-combat veterans, caregivers, and those that have developed  PTSD as the result of witnessing or being victim of an accident or criminal offense.  Our local PTSD Projects Chapter Captains will help fulfill our mission of raising awareness and funds through community events such as walks/runs/motorcycle runs; all of which will bring awareness to PTSD while raising funds to distribute to various organizations that help those struggling with PTSD.

Meet the Board of Directors and Founders of PTSD Projects; A War Within


Co-Founder & President

Jan has had a lifetime career in sales and marketing and has been in management at several of the media giants including ABC Disney, Clear Channel and Cox Radio, where she was the first female general manager of a radio station in Orlando, FL.  Jan has always been driven to be her best, and when she decided to start her own advertising agency, she landed the largest auto dealer in the United States as her third client.  When she and her husband Nick operated Turn-Key Marketing, she secured such clients as the largest women’s touring conference in US, the third largest triathlon in US, and the largest video gaming competition in the world.  In 2015, after seeing the pain and struggles that her son, who has severe and chronic PTSD faced daily,  she focused her business skills and experience on helping to establish PTSD Projects; A War Within.  Jan’s passion for this cause and her dedication to helping put a stop to the daily struggle, the stigma, and the large number of suicides that are associated with PTSD are what drive her to succeed.  Jan works with all of the PTSD Projects volunteers as well as with those afflicted with PTSD that are needing help and hope. She is spearheading the development and growth of our local chapters across the US.  She is an advocate for veterans that are struggling with the incompetence and complexities that are within the VA system, and is a huge voice and support for all persons struggling with PTSD.  Jan comes from a military family whereby her father Doug, three brothers Ben, John and Tim, husband Nick, son Nick, nephew Brian and sister-in-law Gretchen have all honorably served this great country.

Nick CatinnA

Co-Founder & Vice Presidentimg_0393

Nick has had extensive business, marketing and sales background which includes working with a large number of corporations on a national and regional level, and being an entrepreneur for the last fifteen years prior to co-founding PTSD Projects. Nick is the social media guru for PTSD Projects.  In just over one year, he grew the PTSD Projects Facebook page to more than 65,000 followers.  He also manages Twitter and Instagram as well as PTSD  Nick provides all content for the PTSD Projects Facebook page, and personally monitors each comment and friend request.   He comes from a strong military family whereby his father, Nick IV served 40 years in the KY National Guard and retired as a Lt. Colonel. Nick V also served in the KY National Guard as a medic where he received the expert field medical badge.  Nick was honorably discharged at the rank of Staff Sergeant. His son Nick VI served in the United States Coast Guard and was deployed to Station Noyo River, a surf station in Northern California. He was honorably discharged in 2014.

Cheri Sanders

Board Member & Funds Development

Cheri has spent her last 38 years working with nonprofit organizations.  Her most recent position, prior to retiring, was as the Executive Director for Tennessee for the ALS Association (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; aka Lou Gehrig’s  Disease).  Cheri oversaw the now infamous “Ice Bucket Challenge” throughout the state of Tennessee, which millions of dollars for ALS research.   While serving at ALS, Cheri also attended the National Advocacy Conference in Washington, DC on several occasions whereby she would bring ALS patients to address Senators and Congressmen and women.    Prior to ALS, Cheri served as Director of Development for Alzheimer’s Association of Tennessee.  Cheri spent almost 10 years helping care for her father who lost his battle with Alzheimer’s and has tremendous passion for all persons struggling with neurological issues which includes PTSD.  Cheri spent six years with the Lung Association of Tennessee serving as Development Director and prior to that she was Vice President of Development with Easter Seals for seven year.  Her experience there included working with individuals with head injuries.  Cheri has developed and produced hundreds of fundraisers throughout her career and has managed multiple nonprofit offices at one time.  Cheri will be instrumental in working the the various PTSD Projects Chapter Captains to develop fundraising events and will oversee fund development for PTSD Projects; A War Within on a state and national level.  Cheri will also be instrumental in developing our veteran advocacy platform that will be presented to national leaders in Washington DC.

Disclaimer:  PTSD Projects; A War Within is not a 24-hour helpline, nor are we trained mental health professionals.  We hope to service as an educational and inspirational source.
As PTSD Projects does not provide treatment services, PTSD Projects cannot accept responsibility for any of our volunteer services or for the services provided by any organization or business associated with this website.